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Re- Ink -Our-Nation

12 - Dec - 2014

Street Art & Graffiti Services in Ireland


Graffiti and aerosol art workshops in Ireland

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About Our Graffiti Art Workshops

Our art programmes are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Street art, aerosol art and graffiti art workshops can last from a half day to several months depending on expected outcomes. Our taster sessions are a great introduction to these increasingly popular art forms which allows participants to work on small individual projects or contribute to a larger end result. Aerosol art and street art in general are relevant to youth culture and are an easy way of engaging with groups and individuals on their level, especially those on the margins of society or socially excluded. Over the last ten years our experience has shown that some young people who are deemed 'difficult' to get through to will buy into these types of aerosol art and street art programmes rather than most others. Most young people fancy themselves as the next Banksy anyway.

Graffiti Workshop

What You Can Expect

The client provides the venue/painting surface and we do the rest. We supply everything else. Our graffiti art workshops take place in a safe, creative environment where an equal contribution from each participant is paramount, regardless of perceived artistic ability. Ideas are just as important as the ability to draw or paint. Our graffiti art workshops typically begin with a slideshow showing examples of our work and what can be done with a spraycan. We do a demonstration showing fades and shades as well as letter and character development. Our art programmes also cover stencil making and many other forms of urban art. The art works can be created on walls, plywood boards which can be wall-mounted internally or externally or on vinyl sheeting which is easy to transport and is excellent for promoting groups' work outside of their own base.

Graffiti workshop

The Benefits of Our Art Programmes

Individuals involved in our workshops learn to work as part of a team, from prepping the painting surface to designing and creating the mural. They gain life-long learning and problem solving skills which they can use in other parts of their lives. Confidence and self-esteem are raised. Ownership and a sense of achievement are attained. They work in a structured setting and learn personal, social and environmental responsibility as well leaving behind a positive artistic footprint for their neighbourhoods and communities. All of our graffiti art workshops teach art not vandalism.

Graffiti workshop

Interested ?

Generally we like to keep groups small where possible so that participants can maximise their experience of working with us. Ten is an ideal number on small aerosol art programmes although we can work with larger numbers on request. Health and safety is essential when working with aerosol paint and those under ten years old or those with respiratory conditions are unfortunately excluded. However they can participate in our other street art programmes including stencilling and paint marker projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or accessing funding for your project.

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